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9 Reasons why you should use Cloud-Based Backup and Synchronization

December 18, 2016 0

Using Cloud-based backup and sync services is the smart way to go today especially if you travel for work with a laptop as I do.  I’ve been using these services since November 2009 when SugarSync first launched their service.  Back then, there were plenty of online backup service providers, but only two of them synchronized between multiple devices, SugarSync and DropBox.  There are a lot more available today who offer […]

Want to save time? – Try outsourcing tasks

April 17, 2016 2

I have a full-time job that requires a lot of traveling, own a Website Development business, and I run this blog.  It’s no wonder people tell me I work hard.  But I don’t work hard!  I do work smart by saving time outsourcing.  You can do the same too and here’s how. Using virtual assistants You can outsource lots of routine administrative tasks to a virtual assistant.   Some examples of […]

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