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U.S. Passport Lost, Stolen or Damaged aboard!

January 3, 2016 0

Although I didn’t lose my U.S. Passport, I did damage it last month in the washing machine while on vacation in England. Damaging your U.S. Passport while overseas is only one step away from losing it! And yes, if you washed it like I did; it’s damaged.  You must replace it before trying to return home. At first, I panicked! After doing a little online research, I was able to […]

How to Use Chromecast in Your Hotel Room

April 3, 2015 23

Please read my new article “Chromecast in a Hotel Room – Four Easy Ways To Get It Working” which supersedes this article. Updated 11th May 2016. I love using my Chromecast in my hotel room while traveling. Chromecast makes an excellent traveling gadget because it’s small, inexpensive and it uses your smartphone as the remote control (less stuff to carry around).  My laptop is free to use for other things […]

Save Money on Currency Exchange

March 29, 2015 0

There are many articles on the internet about how to save money on currency exchange while traveling. But none of the articles talk about the little known Global ATM Alliance.  If you bank with Bank of America and have one of their ATM or Debit cards, then you can save money on foreign exchange fees because Bank Of America is a member of the Global ATM Alliance.  The Global ATM […]

How to Check A Hotels WiFi Speed Before Booking a Room!

March 10, 2015 0

How many times have you stayed at a hotel and found the internet access slower than dial-up? If you travel a lot like I do, chances are you have found slow internet access at many hotels. You may have paid for some of this slowness too. Well now you can check the hotels internet speeds before booking a room thanks to a new cool website called Hotel Wifi Test […]

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