About Colin Robinson
Colin works for a high technology equipment manufacture as a senior product manager. The majority of his time is spent traveling to visit clients and to teach them in using this hi-tech equipment. He has to keep up with the latest advances in computer technology and trends, and has spent over 30 years in his line of work traveling extensively. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. Read more at http://www.worksmartandtravel.com/colin-robinson/

Want to save time? – Try outsourcing tasks

April 17, 2016 2

I have a full-time job that requires a lot of traveling, own a Website Development business, and I run this blog.  It’s no wonder people tell me I work hard.  But I don’t work hard!  I do work smart by saving time outsourcing.  You can do the same too and here’s how. Using virtual assistants You can outsource lots of routine administrative tasks to a virtual assistant.   Some examples of […]

Working Effectively vs Efficiently – Know The Difference!

March 20, 2016 0

To work smart, it’s important to know the difference between working effectively and working efficiently. I’m amazed at how many people don’t know or understand the difference between the two. I had a manager one time who didn’t understand the difference and thought they were the same. He was very efficient at checking and replying to Emails on his phone, but this distracted him from being effective in producing the […]

Best streaming stick to use while traveling

March 6, 2016 2

Which is the best streaming stick to use in a hotel room? Well, I’ve tested and used four. Here’s my review of using each of them while staying at a hotel using the hotel’s Wi-Fi.   1. The Quantum Access LAN Windows 10 Fanless Mini PC Stick The Quantum Access LAN Windows 10 Fanless Mini PC Stick is Windows 10, 32. It scores high marks as a streaming stick because it […]

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