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I travel for work, and I enjoy traveling for fun.  The company I work for pays for fuel for my company car when I travel on business.  And this has created an opportunity for me to save money on my vacation trips.  By taking advantage of fuel reward and discount programs, I save a lot of money on fuel purchases when on vacation.  Here is a list of the best fuel reward and discount programs I use to help me save money on fuel during my trips.

1. Fuel Rewards Pro

Fuel Rewards Pro is by far my favorite fuel savings program. By joining the program, you receive five cents off per gallon of gas to use in the standard fuel rewards program. Each time I fill my company vehicle with gas at a Shell Gas station, I enter my Fuel Rewards Pro alternative ID into the pump, then pay, and begin fueling.

For each fill up of 10 gallons or more, I earn five cents reward in my Fuel Rewards account.  I can redeem this reward using my regular Fuel Rewards program for ten cents off per gallon for a fill-up of 20 gallons or less when filling my vehicle.  Fuel rewards stack up too.  If I fill my company vehicle three times without redeeming any fuel reward points, then the rewards will stack up to $0.20 off a gallon in my Rewards account. That is the $0.05 minimum, plus three fill-ups giving a $0.05 discount each, totaling $0.20 off per gallon.

Pros: There’s always a minimum of five cents off per gallon in the Fuel Rewards. Fuel rewards stack up quickly, no minimum fill-up requirement to maintain gold status, and you aren’t forced to redeem reward points.

Cons: Earned Points expire on the last day of the following month. For example, if you fill up on 15th September, those points will expire on 31st October.  You have to redeem all points in one transaction.  You must sign up for standard Fuel Rewards first.  Not available at older Shell gas pumps and Circle K stations.

Cut your costs words on gas pump pump2. Fuel rewards

The Fuel Reward Standard program allows you to earn fuel discounts for eating out, shopping online, and booking travel. You can also earn $0.10 off a gallon for every $50 you spend at participating restaurants with a linked credit card. In addition to these earnings, you can earn five cents off a gallon for every $50 spent booking travel through the Fuel Rewards travel website. The website connects to Priceline, Avis, and Budget. And up to $0.40 off a gallon for every $50 spent with online shopping retailers that participate in the program.  Also, you can earn gas discounts at some grocery stores by linking the grocery stores loyalty program with your fuel rewards account.  Two grocery stores that offer this are Stop and Shop, and Bi-Lo.

There are two tier statuses available in the rewards program, the silver, and the gold. Gold members receive a minimum of five cents off per gallon for every fill-up, while silver members only get a minimum of three cents off a gallon for each fill-up.  When you first joined the fuel rewards program, you automatically receive gold status. To maintain gold status, you need to fill up a minimum of six times in three months.

The best way to find reward opportunities and to keep track of your fuel rewards is to download the Fuel Rewards App to your phone.  The Fuel Rewards App uses the GPS capability of your cell phone to locate local restaurants and shops that participate in the rewards program.  The app will also show you the closest Shell gas station and gives you the price per gallon at that station. Moreover, it displays this information in two ways, a list view, and a map view.

You can join the fuel rewards program online or through the phone app. You receive a Shell fuel rewards card in the mail, and you can set an alternative ID which is usually your cell phone number plus a four-digit pin.  To redeem rewards, you use your fuel rewards card or your alternative ID plus pin at the gas pump before pumping.

Pros:  Plenty of rewards earning opportunities, great phone app, and when coupled with Fuel Rewards Pro, you can earn reward points on fill-ups too.

Cons:  A confusing multi-tiered point expiration policy that depends on how you earn points. The expiration titers are one-month, two-month, and three-month periods.  You must redeem all the points in the account in one transaction.  To earn points on fuel purchases, you need to sign up for the Pro account after opening the standard account.

3. Kroger Fuel Rewards

For every dollar spent on groceries at a Kroger family member of stores, you receive one fuel reward point. And one hundred fuel points is equal to $0.10 off a gallon of gas.  Also, you earn double points for purchasing gift cards. For example, you buy a $100 gift card, and you will receive 200 fuel points.   Periodically throughout the year, Kroger will run a promotion on its gift cards offering four times the number of fuel points giving you 400 points for each one-hundred-dollar gift card.  You can purchase gift cards at Kroger for as low as $10 each.  Also, you can earn 50 points on qualifying prescriptions from a Kroger pharmacy, and for doing Kroger store surveys.

You can earn Kroger fuel points at Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Foods Co., Fred Meyer,Fry’s, Gerbes, Harris Teeter, King Soopers, Jay C Food Store, Kroger,Owens market, Pay-Less Supermarkets, QFC, Ralphs, and Smith’s Food and Drug stores.

You can redeem your points at any Kroger brand gas stations including the brands mentioned above, and Shell for up to 35 gallons in one purchase. To redeem points, scan your Kroger card or enter your alternate ID at the gas pump before paying for gas.

Pros: Discounted purchase of up to 35 gallons in one transaction, and you don’t have to use all your reward points in one transaction. You will always receive a minimum of three cents off per gallon.

Cons: Earned Points expire at the end of the following month. Points are subtracted first from the month with the most points.  Maximum redemption at Kroger brand gas stations is one dollar off a gallon of gas. And the maximum redemption at Shell gas stations is only $0.10 off a gallon of gasoline.  No pin protection for your alternate ID, which is your phone number.

4 BP My Driver Rewards

The BP My Drivers Rewards program is the most straightforward fuel reward program.  It allows you to earn a one cent discount off a gallon of gasoline for every $10 of gas purchased.  You can use a BP Drivers Reward card at the gas pump, or an alternative ID with a pin to earn and redeem Driver Rewards.  Rewards expire one year after earning them.

Pros: A straightforward and simple program. Rewards expire after one year.

Cons: Older gas pumps force you to redeem all your points and not earn points. There are no BP gas stations west of the Mississippi River.  You must redeem all the points in one transaction, and the maximum purchase is 20-gallons.


5 Pay with Gas Buddy

You probably know Gas Buddy for the ability in finding out where you can save the most on gasoline. By signing up for Pay with Gas Buddy, you have the opportunity to earn an additional five cents off a gallon of gas.  You can also use it with the other fuel-saving programs I mentioned above.

The way the program works is that you give them your bank account details at the time of sign-up. After a few days, your Pay with Gas Buddy card will arrive in the mail. Each time you use the card to buy gas, the funds come out of your bank account.   Because processing fees are much less than credit card processing fees, Gas Buddy passes some of the savings on to you.

Pay with Gas Buddy

Also, Pay with Gas Buddy has two additional tiers of membership, Plus membership and Premium membership.   Plus membership costs $49 a year and your discount increases to $0.20 off per gallon for a maximum of 40 gallons each month. The plus program has the potential of saving you $96 per year, providing you purchase at least 40 gallons per month.  The premium membership is available for $69 a year and offers roadside assistance through Allstate. Roadside assistance is in addition to the $0.20 off per gallon up to a maximum of 40 gallons each month.  To pay for the premium membership, I canceled my AAA membership to realize the savings.

Also, Pay with Gas Buddy has additional earning opportunities through its GasBack program. If you buy products or pay for parking through the Gas Buddy app, they will give you a percentage discount towards the purchase of fuel.

Pros: Can find cheaper gas stations using the phone app. You can combine with other discount reward programs mentioned above.  Receive $0.10 off a gallon on your first fill up. No limits on the number of gallons purchased using the program except for plus and premium membership levels.

Cons: Cannot use at Exxon Mobil gas stations. Plus and premium membership levels are limited to 40 gallons per month at 20 cents per gallon discount, after which the discount goes down to five cents per gallon.

6 Exxon Mobil Rewards+

The Exxon Mobile Rewards+ program is a new fuel rewards program which replaces Plenti rewards that ended in July 2018.  With Exxon Mobile Rewards, you earn 3 points for every gallon of Synergy gas you purchase.  Also, you earn 2 points for each dollar spent on snacks or drinks in the gas station store.

Once you reach one hundred points, you can start saving, and one hundred points are equal to $1 in savings.  What is great with this program is that you can save on not only gasoline but also in-store purchases.

To earn even more discounts, you can register for Speedpass+ and each time you use it; you will receive an additional five cents off a gallon of gas.

Pros: Can use reward points for in-store purchases.

Cons: Low reward point ratio compared to other programs.  Cannot be combined with Pay with Gas Buddy as Exxon Mobil does not accept Pay with Gas Buddy.


In conclusion, these programs offer excellent opportunities to save money on fuel, even if you don’t have a company car.  Please feel free to make any comments you wish by clicking on the comments link below.  Thank you for reading.

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