Six Tips To Help You Become A Savvy Business Traveler

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Does your job put you behind the wheel or in the air on a regular basis? If you find yourself traveling regularly for business reasons, you’ll soon become a savvy traveler by sheer weight of experience. Use these handy tips to make your travels just a little bit easier even for veteran business travelers.


1) Organize Yourself With A Checklist

Once you start logging thousands of business travel miles, it will become apparent that your travel needs do not vary that much from trip to trip. Pare the essentials down into a simple checklist and then use your list to prepare yourself for each future trip. You will find this gets you packed and ready to travel in less time. It will also cut down on the number of irritating omissions you make by accident.


2) Stay Fed: Have An Emergency Meal

Your carry-on bag should always have an energy bar or two stashed in an outside pocket. You cannot always count on having ready access to restaurants and stores. Travel delays have a nasty habit of hitting you at your least resourceful moments. What do you do if you’re stuck on an unplanned layover and it’s six hours until any of the airport restaurants reopen? Buy a box of your favorite kind of energy bars the next time you are at the grocery store so that you always have a few on hand and packed for business trips.


3) Stay Fed: Find Better Restaurants

Hralthy FoodGetting a great meal under your belt is a huge mood booster after a long day of travel. Do not rely on the doubtful fare offered up at your hotel lounge or local restaurant recommendations from bored hotel staffers. Use Yelp and similar apps to zero in on highly-recommended restaurants close to you no matter where you are. Remember that you can narrow your restaurant searches by ranking, cuisine, and hours of operation. Yelp is great for most travel destinations in the US.  Use a different site like Trip Advisor for international trips.


4) Be A Germophobe On Airplanes

Airline crew members have let the cat out of the bag when it comes to what is literally their industry’s dirtiest little secret: Airplanes are generally full of germs. The surfaces, the air, and the shared items (e.g. blankets) are not cleaned nearly often enough. This is the number one culprit behind travel-related illnesses, so carry the equipment you need to fight back. Always fly with a few antibacterial wipes and a tube of Bacitracin. Apply a dab of Bacitracin in each nostril before you take off, wipe down your tray table thoroughly before using it and use hand wipes frequently.


5) Make a Note Of Important Numbers

Now that everybody has a smartphone, you have no excuse for losing track of vital details. When you travel frequently, those details can include parking spots and hotel room numbers – these little digits tend to blur together when you are staying somewhere new every night. Use a notepad or voice recorder app to remind yourself of where your ever-shifting “home” is after a long work day.


6) Bring Some Duct Tape

There is nothing like a good old-fashioned luggage breakdown to throw a monkey wrench into a trip that is going a little too smoothly. Prepare yourself for unexpected rips and tears in luggage, footwear or even, your clothes by packing a little duct tape. If space is extremely tight and you can’t make room for even a small roll of tape, tear off a few long strips.  Stick these strips to the inside of your suitcase so you can reuse them if you have to.


These little tips can ease some of the stresses caused by frequent traveling. It is easy to get so caught up into work that you overlook some of these things that can make your time a bit more enjoyable. Being prepared allows you to devote your attention to the business at hand. It may even leave you with some free time to enjoy and sightsee in the city you are working in.

Do you have any tips you would like to share? If so please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

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