T-Mobile Announces Un-Carrier 9 and Hotel WiFi Test Launches Content API

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Hotel WiFi Test Launches Content API

Hotel WiFi Test Tweeted some interesting news yesterday announcing the launch of a Content API designed for other travel and hotel booking websites.  What’s really interesting about this news is they are giving travel booking website the ability to show their collected data on internet access speeds at different hotels around the world.   This is great news for the business traveler as it will place more pressure on hotel’s to provide fast reliable internet access to their guests as a standard amenity.  Furthermore, your favorite hotel booking site will be showing internet speeds and reliability data on their website and phone app’s very soon.


T-Mobile Announces Un-Carrier 9

And today, my favorite mobile phone carrier or un-carrier, T-Mobile announced their un-carrier 9 incentive.   Un-carrier 9 is making it easier for customers who are on AT&T’s Next or Verizon’s Edge payment plans to switch to T-Mobile by offering to pay their unpaid phone balance  up to $650 per line and up to ten lines total, Wow! To take advantage, a customer needs to port their existing mobile number to T-Mobile, sign up the Simple Choice Plan and trade in their old phones. Customers will get the trade-in value right away and a prepaid card with the balance of outstanding phone payments after the trade-in value when they submit the carrier’s bill to T-Mobile.

Also as part of Uncarrier-9, T-Mobile is offering business simplified pricing, tools to help small business and up to 50% discount for families of business customers.

I will be writing more about T-Mobile in the upcoming weeks.  In the meantime please check Cam Bunton’s unofficial TmoNews blog for further information.

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