News and Updates – LastPass gives Smart Phone users 9 Good Tips

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Posted on the LastPass Blog today is a very good article giving Smart Phone users 9 good tips on how to protect their phones and data stored in their phones.  You can read the article here.    But I’m going to add two additional recommendations in addition to the 9 in this article.

Use a good VPN when on public WiFi

By using a good VPN when on public WiFi, you are ensuring your data is encrypted when passed over the air on a public network.  Yes, I know its an extra step but it beats having your passwords or other sensitive data stolen. I recommend PureVPN as they have a phone app that’s easy to install and use.

Use an Anti-Virus App with Anti-Theft

I use AVG Anti-Virus which has a cool Anti-Theft feature.  First, it has a camera trap.  The camera trap takes a secret photo from the front camera if the phone password is entered incorrectly 3 times in a row. This photo is secretly Emailed to me.   If I lose my phone, I can use another phone or Email to send a text message to my phone instructing it to sound an alarm, locate with GPS, lock or wipe.  Wipe is very cool as it will erase all the phones data. I can also perform these functions by logging in to my AVG account on line.

AVG Locate
Screen Shot of AVG Phone Locate

T-Mobile announces Pets Un-leashed

Today, T-Mobile announced Pets Un-leashed and promises to keep your furry companions connected too. For $5 per month you can keep your pets connected as part of your family plan.

Now if you are buying into this baloney just remember that today is April 1st,  fool! But it’s a good laugh anyway.

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