How to Check A Hotels WiFi Speed Before Booking a Room!

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How many times have you stayed at a hotel and found the internet access slower than dial-up? If you travel a lot like I do, chances are you have found slow internet access at many hotels. You may have paid for some of this slowness too. Well now you can check the hotels internet speeds before booking a room thanks to a new cool website called Hotel Wifi Test

On the Hotel WiFi Test website, you lookup the hotel your thinking about staying at or look up all the hotels in an area you’re going to visit.  The Hotel WiFi Test site will give you the expected internet speed with a confidence percentage for each hotel along with the nightly room rate and the TripAdvisor Star rating. Also, the site notes if the hotels internet is free or paid.  The results list can be filtered to show hotels with free internet only and can be sorted by WiFi Happiness (which is a confidence percentage), WiFi Speed, Traveler Rating, Price and Star Rating.

Best of all, since Hotel WiFi Test is an independent website not associated with anyone in the travel industry,  you are getting honest information about the internet access hotels have to offer.

Wi-Fi on a plateHotel WiFi Test relies on its users to test hotel internet speeds while they are staying at hotels. When you’re in a hotel room,  go to the web page.  In the top left of the page is Speed Test button and a question “Are you in a Hotel Right Now?” If you click yes, the website will determine which hotel you are in based on the IP’s  location.  It’s important not to be connected to a VPN when doing this otherwise the hotel won’t be detected.  You’re now presented with a Hotel the website thinks you’re staying in. If this is incorrect, you can click on the down arrow button to the right of the hotel name and choose another hotel from the list. If your hotel is not on the list then simply click “Other Hotel” at the bottom of the list. After doing a few speed tests you can request to register the hotel by filling out the registration form. All requests to register a hotel are verified manually by the Hotel WiFi Test before appearing on the website. Speed testing is a very simple process of answering two questions and clicking the test now button. If you’re a register user, then all of your tests are stored in your profile for future reference.

Beware of the Evil Twin!

To be sure you’re secure when using WiFi in a hotel or any public place for that matter, use a good VPN service. By using a VPN, your over the air public WiFi connections are encrypted. If you are connect to an evil twin hotspot, the perpetrator will only see garbage. Please see my article titled Using Wi-Fi Internet Access on the Road.



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