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Taken from my Room at the Chicago Mart Plaza Holiday Inn September 2013. Down Town Chicago.

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Work Smart and Travel
80’s Style Pay Phone


Work Smart and Travel is a work and travel blog that I’ve been thinking about writing for a while. But first a little about myself, I grew up in England in the town of Nottingham right in the middle of the country. I moved to the United States in 1987 where I now live. In 1988 I met and married my bride and am now coming up on 26 years of marriage.

Throughout this time I have traveled extensively for work in numerous job functions such as service, technical support and sales. Things have changed in the time since I’ve moved over here back in the 80’s. I remember having to lineup in the lobby’s of restaurants to use the pay phone with my MCI calling card to call the office at lunch time. Not anymore. Today we use our mobile phones wherever we are and whenever we want to make those all-important business calls or just to call our friends and loved ones.

Also back in the 80’s the PC was nothing but a dream. Today it’s a sophisticated device taking on many shapes and forms. You don’t think of a PC as a PC anymore since it can be a smartphone or tablet device or desktop computer. Also since the 80’s we have seen online services such as CompuServe, America Online, and over in the UK we had Prestel for a short while. Today it is nothing but full-fledged internet-access where it seems that every computer in the world is connected somehow to each other.

With advancements in the personal computer and the internet, our lives have changed in ways we couldn’t have dreamed about back in the 80’s. In the late 90s and early 2000’s, we weren’t ready for some of these changes that the PC and the Internet where bringing about. This led to the crash of most of the dot-coms back in that timeframe. But today when not only ready for these changes but we’re embracing them.

The PC and Internet is allowing us to communicate in many different ways, work in many different ways and places while not being tied to the desk at the old proverbial office.  It’s allowing us to work more efficiently and more importantly effectively too. It has allowed such things as email, electronic voice mail, electronic dictation, receive faxes into your email with services such as EFax, we can send electronic documents in the form of Word files or PDF files just to mention two. We can work remotely and have virtual assistants who work for us very often in different countries. We do our banking online now instead of running up to the streets to see the nice lady behind the bank counter. We can deposit our checks using the camera in our smartphone and not even bother with the ATM at the top of the street. And I even have a New York PO Box through a company by the name of Earth Class Mail. They checked my mail and scan anything important into a PDF file which I can pick up and view from anywhere in the world electronically.

This is what the Work Smart and Travel blog is all about, those tools and services and how to use them to enhance your life. Using the types of services that the Internet and PC have aided in bringing about. And as I stated earlier they are making us more efficient and effective in our everyday lives. I like to think of these services as tools that I use in freeing up my time for me to focus on the things I enjoy in life, enjoying life to its fullest, having fun, traveling and seeing the sights.

One could say I’m a bit of a geek, but I enjoy the technology. I only use the technology I find well worthwhile. So over the next few weeks and months I will be sharing my experiences with you in regards to my use of these individual technologies and my experiences with them. I hope you enjoy reading my articles as I will no doubt enjoy dictating them into my computer and having my computer do the typing for me. Also I will post some photos on my blog too of my recent travels. So as I continue dictating to my computer, sit back relax and enjoy reading my Work Smart and Travel Blog.


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  1. Colin,

    As I’ve worked with you I have learned and have been amazed not only by your grasp of technology but how you have adapted to what works… and have scrapped what does not make a better life-style.

    I think this site is awesome as it allows me to understand the impact ahead of the time investment to try to integrate new technology.

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