The New Way to Send Postal Mail while Traveling

July 30, 2014 3

One tool I find very useful on the road is the ability to send postal mail through the Internet. There are number of these services out there.  All you have to do is a simple Google search for “sending postal mail through the internet” to find one of them. Before I knew these services existed, I would rely on the nice staff at the front desk of the hotel where I […]

Using a Virtual Mailbox – Earth Class Mail

July 25, 2014 2

In order to work smart while traveling you need to keep your personal life in order whilst on the road. Although not that popular, one of the best tools you can use is a virtual mailbox. They are many virtual mailboxes available, many from small mom-and-pop or husband-and-wife size companies. But the premier service I’ve been able to find is from the company by the name of Earth Class Mail. […]

News and updates

July 24, 2014 0

LogMeIn News It turns out that LogMeIn no longer offer the free version of their software.  This latest news is a shame since LogMeIn Free was proving very useful. But not to worry,  I have heard good things lately about TeamViewer and will be changing over to their software in due course and will write a review. is a new service that just launched and looks very promising […]

Using Wi-Fi Internet Access on the Road

July 19, 2014 1

Wi-Fi Internet access, it seems that it’s anywhere and everywhere these days.   But hold on a minute, not all Wi-Fi internet access is created equally.   This is what this article is about; using Wi-Fi internet on the road, weather at an Airport, in a Hotel Room, at a Coffee Shop or other public place and in other countries for that matter. Back in the day when it was only dial […]

SugarSync – Keeping your Files in Sync

July 10, 2014 0

I use two computers, one is my main desktop in my home office and the other is my laptop that I travel around with. I’ve done this for many years now.  But until I came across SugarSync, I had problem keeping files on the two computers synchronized.   At first, I started using a hard drive or a flash drive and copying the important files that I needed for the week […]

Work Smart and Travel

July 6, 2014 4

  Work Smart and Travel is a work and travel blog that I’ve been thinking about writing for a while. But first a little about myself, I grew up in England in the town of Nottingham right in the middle of the country. I moved to the United States in 1987 where I now live. In 1988 I met and married my bride and am now coming up on 26 […]